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Gym Outfits Men’s

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gym outfits mens

It’s long gone beyond the point where it’s OK to turn up to the gym in old sweat-laden band tees, baggy three-quarter length cargo shorts and tennis shoes. These days it’s all about anti-sweat tees and energy-recovering shorts that have you performing — and looking — better than ever.

When it comes to your gym outfits men’s the most important thing is that they fit well and are made from quality materials. The best fabrics are synthetic — think polyester and Lycra blends – which pull moisture (aka sweat) away from your skin, so it doesn’t build up and cause chafing. Look for breathable, quick-drying designs and choose neutral colors like black or navy that won’t show through your sweat as easily.

Stylish and Functional: Men’s Gym Outfit Inspiration for the Modern Athlete

If you want a more stylish option, consider a pair of premium joggers. These track pants from Gymshark, for example, are designed to feel as good outside the gym as they do inside thanks to their breathable makeup and premium aesthetic. They also have zippered pockets that help keep your gear safe during your workout, plus the Stay-Put waistband sits comfortably across the midsection to avoid any drop or looseness.

If you’re after something a bit more rugged and outdoorsy, Patagonia is the brand for you. Their joggers are engineered to be as comfortable on the trail as they are in the gym, and come in a range of earthy shades that will pair perfectly with your other workout apparel.

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