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Can You Get A Free ABN

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Anyone who has ever started a company or gone into business for themselves as a sole proprietor understands that the mountain of paperwork and documents that must be completed may be overwhelming and that it’s easy to put off or ignore as much of it as possible.

The process of applying for an Australian business number (ABN) is simple and can be started right away for several important reasons.

Can You Get A Free ABN?

An Australian Business Number, or ABN, is an 11-digit number that is unique to each business in Australia. Your ABN will be needed when you deal with the Australian Taxation Office and other businesses or government agencies. You may rest assured that no other company will have the same ABN as yours, even if their name is identical to yours.

The application process for an ABN is completely free of charge. However, hiring a tax professional or another service provider to handle your application on your behalf may result in extra expenses. Business registration is free with the government, but you may have to pay an accountant or management to get everything set up.

An ABN isn’t available to everyone. You need to be operating a business in Australia to register for an ABN. This means that there needs to be a busy trading period or other steps that are common for a company getting ready to start trading. To avoid penalties, you must make sure that all of the information you put on your ABN application is correct.

The Advantages Of Using An ABN

Avoiding Misidentification

It’s common for cases of mistaken identification to arise when doing business as an individual. You may have chosen a fantastic name for your company, but there may be many others with the same or very similar names. Because of this, problems may arise if other companies or customers try to identify you and get confused.

Having a distinct identifier is helpful in this situation so that other companies and customers may contact the correct entity. You probably don’t want to turn away potential customers. The ABN Lookup tool allows consumers, businesses, and suppliers to confirm your company’s details. Having an ABN as a sole proprietor might help establish instant credibility in customers’ minds.

People Will Recognize Your Business.

When a company applies for an ABN, details about it are recorded in the Australian Business Register. What’s the big deal here?

  • Government assistance  – If you need assistance from the government, they’ll have your ABN number available.
  • Validation – Are you aware that your ABN can be used to check the legitimacy of your suppliers and identify potential conflicts of interest before you launch your business?
  • Growth – Government resources can locate your company and supply detailed reports on market trends, as well as advice on how to adapt to a constantly shifting business climate; and
  • Managing a disaster – If your firm is ever affected by a natural disaster like a flood or fire, having an ABN will help authorities locate it and provide aid.

You Can Get An Australian Domain Name.

Having obtained your ABN, you may now register your business name on a national level and get a top-level domain. It will make your website appear more trustworthy to clients and potential suppliers, and it will prevent other companies from using the same name.

Think about how much easier it would be if you have a website for your company Intriguing, huh? Without an ABN, however, this is impossible.

Payout Protection (Temporary)

The government knows it is getting its fair share of tax revenue from you if you have an ABN.

If you do not provide an ABN, the company making a payment to you may be required by law to withhold 47 per cent of your earnings and remit them to the Australian Taxation Office. This amount may be essential to keeping your business going, and you can’t go on without it for a long time.

So, if you want to avoid this temporary drop in earnings, you should register your business for an ABN so that when you do business with other companies, they have to pay you in full. The loss of almost half of a sole proprietor’s income until the end of the fiscal year shouldn’t make it hard for them to grow and change. Get an ABN and put it on all invoices and other official documents to avoid this.

Tax Deductible

All business expenditures are deductible from taxable income. This, however, can only be done if you have an ABN and are willing to quote it. Without an ABN, you will not be eligible for any tax breaks. Your business’s start-up and ongoing phases may involve sizable expenditures that can help you save a lot of money in the long term by lowering your taxable income.

With your ABN, you can claim Goods and Services Tax (GST) credits in the same manner as you can claim tax deductions. GST credits let you get back the value-added tax (VAT) you paid on a business expense in the first place. Only with an ABN can you claim these tax deductions, which can amount to significant savings for your company. Is it important to you to cut costs, especially as a new business? We recommend going with an ABN.

Other Tax Advantages

Other ABN tax advantages include:

  • ABNs let you earn $18,200 tax-free. Anything below that is tax-free.
  • ABNs also let you avoid PAYG tax on payments.
  • ABN holders can claim GST and fuel tax credits on their BAS.

Energy Grants: Applying For Funding

In addition, if you hold an ABN, you’ll get a bigger chunk of the Energy Grant Scheme’s funding.

Through this program, businesses can get energy grant credits or other financial incentives to switch to cleaner fuels. The scheme rewards firms with an ABN for taking environmental responsibility seriously.

When Do I Require An ABN?

An Australian business number is required by law if your company has a yearly revenue of $75,000 or more. Even though it is not mandatory, businesses with an annual revenue of less than $75,000 still benefit from having an ABN. Without an ABN, firms that pay you must withhold 47 per cent tax from your earnings, which is a significant disincentive.

By getting a Tax File Number (TFN), your business can use the pay-as-you-go withholding system, give employees extra benefits, and get back GST payments.

Obtaining a business number from the Australian government and other companies is much simpler when you have one.

What Are My Obligations Under  ABN?

Ever wondered what your legal obligations would be if you obtained an ABN? No more guesswork; we’ve laid it all out for you.

If you have an ABN, you must file a tax return every year. Your company will be subject to it whether it makes a profit, a loss, or falls in the tax-free zone. If you own a business, you must keep your ABN information current at all times. As soon as you become aware of any modifications, you have 28 days to make the necessary adjustments.

You can never lose your Australian Business Number. This implies that after you’ve applied for and received an ABN, you’re legally entitled to use that number in your business operations.

If your firm is no longer active, you can request the cancellation of your ABN by filing any outstanding income tax returns. The GST threshold is $75,000 per year, but you still need an ABN to comply.


Whether you want to form a partnership or operate as a lone trader at first, holding an ABN will speed up your path to success. It is easy to see the advantages of using an ABN when conducting business. This will help your company stand out from the crowd by giving it a unique name. It will also help you reserve an Australian domain name.

Even though they require more work, these perks are a great way for a new business owner to save money and build credibility.

Need an ABN but don’t know where to begin? Why not apply right now by visiting free abn registration?

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